The Finish Line

“You have successfully applied for graduation.” -Academic Advising

Above are six of the most beautiful words I’ve ever laid eyes on.

I entered the University of Louisville Fall 2013, and have been journeying as a Cardinal since.

My last semester has come. December 15th is near.

As an incoming freshman, I can remember waking early to pick myself out “nice clothes” to sit in classes ALL day. I had classes on my schedule spacing from 9AM-9PM. Dreadful. I soon realized business casual may not be the everyday look for me.

I attended every event on campus. Gained new friendships with people including each Student Activity Center (dinning) employee I came in contact with.

I received parking tickets, rode the shuttle standing up, and learned the importance of FAFSA deadlines all in my beginning years. I was a wild flower.

Sophomore year I realized procrastinating was no longer an issue. Junior year I was reminded why advising recommends we take 15 credit hours per semester and not 22.

I can see the light turning from red, yellow, to green as I complete my last rounds of undergrad classes. It’s a rather blurry feeling. The unfolding of my first “big girl job” is happening. Where do I even start to obtain a decent salary?! Scary, yet beautiful stuff here people!

Today I reclaimed my business casual look and had pictures taken for internships, applications, resumes, and all the “others” that come with being a senior in college.

I am a Communications major- Social Change minor. I look around today, and with faith I wonder where I’ll be placed to journey next.

Our world has much heartache, and we must remember that we are students chasing after dreams in fields that can and will one day make a difference. Do not get so consumed by school that you forget why you are swamped with assignments in the first place. You are in YOUR moment for a reason.

There is light at the end of four..long..years. Stay determined, Cards.

Hailey Britton